Learning Objectives
  • How to ensure inclusion strategies extend beyond HR
  • Realize behavioral and cognitive shifts needed to support inclusion throughout the organization
  • Discover inclusion strategies that move people to action and release creativity
  • Align inclusive culture with strategy

About the Training

More than diversity is needed to achieve an environment where all individuals contribute fully to the organizations success. This training focuses on understanding how to leverage diversity efforts to create a culture of inclusion. Cherrie will use research and case studies to help leaders develop key components to design, lead and sustain an inclusive work environment.

Participants will explore their role as inclusive leader and how differences in styles, and values strengthen the culture. This training will equip leaders with skills and techniques to reinforce practices for effective cross-cultural interactions where, people are motivated in all aspects of business. Leaders will leave ready to deliver inclusive strategies, that elevate and sustain their competitive edge.


Inclusion training can be delivered as a half-day seminar or full-day course.

In Person


"Cherrie helped our leaders navigate tough racial and gender issues. We have clarity on how our behavior impacts each other."
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