An engagement with Cherrie is more than just a routine keynote.  It is memorable, authentic, fact based and just down right special. Even in a room full of hundreds, her audiences experience is like she’s talking only to them individually. She means and believes what she says and says only what she can stand behind. If your eyes are open and your hearing sharp, she will draw you in with truth, conviction and credible examples that mirror your organization’s leadership challenges.


Cherrie has been described as “the human dynamics expert” “a highly engaging speaker,” and “one who inspires greatness”.

It is about ensuring your event is a hit! Her team is available to collaborate, facilitate planning and answer questions.

Cherrie approaches every keynote with authentic energy that resonates across the entire room no matter the size.

She takes the time to understand what’s important to you, what are your challenges and opportunities.

Customized experience is the only way to go. Her creative and research team help Cherrie bring to life an interactive, multi-media experience.

A dynamic style of storytelling connect the dots for the audience. Cherrie compels you to emotionally engage and lean in for more.

Cherrie is genuinely curious about people and what it takes to elevate them to action. She is committed to growth for the professional you and the personal you.

Relationships matter! Cherrie believes the keynote is the introductory handshake to her relationship with you. Cherrie is intentional about staying connected…she is active on social media so you are always just a click away.

Cherrie believes and operates with three key principles:

  1. It is a privilege to keynote
  2. She is part of the greater whole, your event
  3. Your audience gets the final vote
“I have never experienced anything like it before! She is one of the most engaging inspirational speakers…your people will leave exhilarated and ready to take action after hearing Cherrie.”


She transforms you! Using her lived experiences to navigate 24 cultures on five continents, Cherrie’s storytelling delivers fresh perspectives and tools that excite you to build cultures people want to be a part of. She provides great insights when sharing her wins, and even better perspectives when exposing her failures. Cherrie will always extend an invitation for you to: Shift forward and elevate to action!
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