An engagement with Cherrie is more than just a routine Keynote. It is memorable, authentic, fact based and just down right special. Even in a room full of hundreds, her audiences experience is like she’s talking only to them individually. She means and believes what she says and says only what she can stand behind. If your eyes are open and your hearing sharp, she will draw you in with truth, conviction and credible examples that mirror your organization’s leadership challenges.

If you want a coach to tell you the play, you’re wasting your time and resources. If you seek an enabler who practices intentional listening, is easy to work with and avoids directing teams then her collaborative approach can yield real results and allow you to capture a tangible return on your valuable assets.

Exploratory discussions, messaging, diagnostics and training with Cherrie is what clients can expect. Rich, honest and probing dialog is in her DNA which results in business partners walking away with clear direction, action plans, success measures and a people culture that continuously shifts forward.

Cherrie’s track record is long and wide. She understands people, teams and leaders and operates with integrity and excellence. Her speaking will encourage others to embrace these attributes as life qualities. You can trust her to deliver more than expected which is why those who dare, shift forward with Cherrie Davis!

Cherrie delivers insight that make an immediate impact. She takes time to learn her client’s business and customizes every keynote presentation and corporate seminars.

Cherrie blogs on what is happening in leadership, culture, inclusion and communications. Believing these four key areas are cornerstones that when done well, elevate people to action!


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