“Let’s Talk”

No one wants to get caught in the cross hairs because you might have said the wrong thing or used language that was offensive.  Today each of you are confronted with approaching your responsibilities of strategy, governance, talent, integrity, and performance, with diversity, equity, and inclusiveness at the heart of your decision making.  Which means to do that well, there are conversations that need to take place and not just when we are talking with HR.  In this workshop, you will be provided tools and strategies to help you engage more mindfully, while building trust and accountability in an inclusive workplace.

Key Areas

Inclusive Language, Mindful Discussions, Psychological Safety


  • Determine appropriate conversation starters to advance mindful discussions about race, gender and sexual orientation and abilities.
  • Evolve current language with terms to know, terms to avoid and why.
  • Become familiar with techniques to engage with conversation disruptors.
  • Share a common understanding of how to create a safe space for employees in support of advancing racial equity and build a strong culture that is just, inclusive, and empowering.



In Person


Entry Level, Individual Contributors, Teams, Supervisor, Manager, Executive, C-Suite

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