Learning Objectives
  • Insights into the next generation of workers
  • What are the key elements to drive employee engagement
  • Unpack how technology has transformed the way people interact, communicate and connect
  • What it takes to have a culture of accountability and high performance

About the Training

Leadership starts with knowing how to manage yourself so that you can effectively lead others. During this training you will explore your own personality, preferences, and areas for improvement, you will begin to shape a leadership style you can authentically exercise. Participants will use case study examples from world class employers to shift the focus from routine leadership practices to techniques that are inclusive, collaborative and innovative in style.

The outcome of this training will be leaders who are ready to elevate their engagement, improve the employee experience and earn the trust of today’s workforce. Leadership and culture go hand in hand. Your leaders will walk away understanding how to create a high-performance culture and deliver sustainable results.


Leadership training can be delivered as a half-day seminar or full-day course.

In Person


"The leadership training provided by ShiftForward equipped our leaders on how to encourage, coach and guide their teams to be their best selves."
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