“The Shortcut in Your Mind”

Unconscious bias—everyone has it. But that doesn’t make us bad; it makes us human. You may not be aware of how your unconscious biases can affect your behavior, but unchecked, it can have enormous impact in the workplace and throughout your everyday life. While we cannot completely rid ourselves of unconscious bias, we can learn how to recognize it and lessen its impact in the workplace. In this workshop, you will move from awareness to action, learning how to interrupt bias and leverage the full potential of diverse teams and colleagues in your workplace.

Key Areas

Bias, Privilege, Exclusion, Masking


  • Build awareness to understand what unconscious bias is and why it matters.
  • Understand the impact of unconscious bias at work and the impact it has on your decision making.
  • Develop skills to help you recognize and take action to manage bias.



In Person


Entry Level, Individual Contributors, Teams, Supervisor, Manager, Executive, C-Suite

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