Key Takeaways
  • What great leaders use to define and build a high value culture
  • How an energized positive culture mirrors an unexpected place
  • Strategies that stimulate innovative cultures that thrive in todays complex and competitive environment

Make Your Culture the #1 Neighborhood in Business

This keynote will inspire organizations to develop cultures with a true focus on people and process. Earning opportunity and commitment from your internal and external customer requires a genuine culture that speaks to all. Cherrie leverages her 32 years of building cultures, while leading in the U.S. Army and corporate. A change of perspective in cultural strategy is required to compete and grow in today’s complex and competitive environment. Cherrie understands this, she challenges conventional thought and inspires you to define your destination. Cherrie offers strategies that will immediately drive business acumen, help exercise critical evaluation and achieve cultural effectiveness.

Best Audience

For audiences focused on developing, evolving, and growing culture over time and across geography. Whether you are in the early stages of developing your business values, looking to reconnect or elevate the culture, Cherrie’s keynote will help leaders at all levels understand what culture is, how to impact it and leverage their culture to drive sustainable results. Her content can be tailored and applied to leadership at all levels, from new leaders learning their roles in your organization, to seasoned executives seeking to refresh, improve, or enhance an existing culture.

Program Format

  • 45 – 90 minute keynote
  • Interactive
  • Breakout session half day to full day
  • Virtual
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"Cherrie understands people! Her message really hits home it’s authentic, clear and actionable!"