“Micro Triggers: It Really Is the Little Things” (Part I)

Who says the little things don’t count? In the case of microaggressions, it is the little things that shift an entire culture and not in a good way. In this workshop, you will explore the essential skills required to address microaggressions when you see them to facilitate building a culture of belonging. You will learn and practice how to navigate difficult conversations and voice the impact to others. Develop skills that create a bridge of shared understanding while staying approachable, curious, and engaged in your interpretation, of other’s behaviors and intentions in moments of judgement.

Key Areas

Passive Aggressive Behavior


  • Understand differences between intention and impact
  • Identify, listen, and activate different perspectives on your team
  • Become knowledgeable of common microaggressions and how to cultivate a safe environment where they can be addressed
  • Identify key behaviors to move people towards compassion and understanding.



In Person


Entry Level, Individual Contributors, Teams, Supervisor, Manager, Executive, C-Suite

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