“Micro Triggers: It Really Is the Little Things” (Part II)

Who says the little things don’t count? In the case of micro-inequities, it is the little things that keep an entire culture disconnected. In this workshop, you will explore the critical skills required to address micro-inequities when you see them, so you can build and lead in a culture of belonging. You will learn and practice how to navigate difficult conversations and voice the impact to others. Develop skills that create a bridge of shared understanding; while staying approachable, curious, and engaged in your interpretation, of other’s behaviors and intentions in moments of decision making.

Key Areas



  • Conduct a comparison contrast of microaggressions and micro-inequities
  • Understand direct and indirect impact to culture between micro-inequities and micro-sponsorship
  • Strengthen sponsorship skills; develop personal action plan to shift mindset and behavior



In Person


Entry Level, Individual Contributors, Teams, Supervisor, Manager, Executive, C-Suite

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