Key Takeaways
  • Techniques to clear clutter and get down to business
  • Leverage your uniqueness
  • Trending global workforce practices
  • Strategies to successfully engage a new team and lead a large team
  • #1 Leader trait during change

Your Move! Courageous Leaders Think, Create, Repeat

Today’s leader is required to do more than operate in order to be effective in a world that is no longer stagnated by rigid boundaries. This keynote will elevate leaders’ ability to thrive and inspire in an increasingly connected and competitive environment. Leaders’ capabilities must keep pace as their workforce and customers evolve. Leaving behind stoic styles of leadership, Cherrie replaces conventional practices with actionable insights and techniques. These impactful solutions for improved production, creativity and performance will allow leaders to confidently walk away equipped to earn employee commitment and drive growth.

Best Audience

This is for new leaders building their skills and seasoned executives looking to grow further and inspire their people. Cherrie helps leaders understand key leadership strategies that cultivate winning cultures resulting in a community of people who are committed to the brand. Cherrie will customize her keynote to fit the experience level of the audience, bringing value to every attendee.

Program Format

  • 45 – 90 minute keynote
  • Interactive
  • In Person
  • Virtual
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"Cherrie ignited the event! People are still talking about it."