Key Takeaways
  • How tone and body language are the window to the real intent
  • Influencing when there is a disconnect
  • Exposing how communication impacts bottom line
  • When and how to read between the lines

Connect Your Culture – Communicate!

Communicating face-to-face, is quickly becoming a lost art. In this keynote, Cherrie will bring to life how communication styles, choice of words and timing are key to influencing your stakeholders, employees and customers. Cherrie shares her winning techniques and lessons learned from her 32 years of communicating in the military and corporate arenas with people from North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. She will bring to life different styles that are clear, concise, that break through difficult conversations and influence collaboration. Cherrie will elevate you to communicate confidently, show you how to navigate with positive outcomes when the “audio does not match the video”. Leaders, individual contributors and teams, will be equipped with the tools to communicate effectively. They will be able to create a culture where trust is valued and high performance is expected.

Best Audience

This keynote will resonate with anyone looking to not just develop their communication, but elevate their skill, increase morale and create a culture that gets things done in any type of organization. Whether you are a leader or individual contributor, or you want a strategic or tactical engagement, Cherrie can design and deliver a keynote that works for the needs and skill-level of the audience and have your folks communicating with a purpose.

Program Format

  • 45 – 90 minute keynote
  • Interactive
  • In Person
  • Virtual
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"Cherrie’s communication message was so engaging…her ability to bring to life the different ways people communicate entertained and enlightened us!"