Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Fresh is best, isn’t it? I was thinking about this while squeezing oranges, wondering if this tasty treat was worth aggravating my carpel tunnel. I was confident the next orange would be the one to fill my glass,...
tennis ball

Watch OUT You Gonna Get Hit!

What do you do when things go too far? As a leader, you should be aware of your environment and prevent divisiveness at all turns. We all know by now divisiveness intentional or unintentional is detrimental to your...
puzzle of vintage cereal boxes

Inclusion is Puzzling

During the pandemic, I have been doing  jigsaw puzzles. Each time I sit in front of a puzzle in its many stages of completion I get these thoughts about inclusion. I have discovered that completing a jigsaw puzzle...

Fight COVID 19 Like a Warrior

COVID 19, has created a worldwide health crisis that has impacted every human on this earth. The novel coronavirus, COVID 19, has pushed the world into a battle with a deadly and literally invisible opponent. When you can’t...

What Does Remote Empathy Look Like?

The COVID 19 crisis has taught us a lot about ourselves. We have grown used to the structure of an office. We are used to having a place where we do business that is separate from where we...

Building Trust Needed for Creativity

In a previous blog, I touched on employee burnout. It is difficult to get professional insight and recommendations from an employee who is burned out. Expecting skillful creativity in a cookie-cutter environment can be similarly challenging. Leaders must...

Create a Place to Work, Not Just a Workplace

Workplace inclusion should include offices that allow all employees to work within their best environment. When you think about optimal work environments, they offer privacy and quiet that allow people to focus on the task at hand. The...

How is Jumping Off a Cliff Like Work?

My title sounds like the start of a joke, but the way we behave says we take it seriously. Team Building The email comes in. Subject: Offsite Team Building. Your heart jumps a bit. Hooray! A day out...
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