“When A Company Gets It Right!” Forbes Announces 2023 Best Employers for Diversity!

Two things bring me immense joy, playing golf and observing humanity at its best. In this post, I want to toot the horn as loud as possible for a great client, Sempra Energy. I have been part of their inclusion journey since 2021 and working closely with them to drive progress in this area.  They are a great example of “When A Company Gets It Right!”  Hip hip hooray for Sempra Energy, for their outstanding efforts in diversity, inclusion, and equity. It was such a wonderful feeling to see how Sempra moved up in the ranks when Forbes Announces America’s Best Employers For Diversity 2023 list was published in April 2023.


 “We know someone on the list!”                                 


Forbes recently recognized Sempra Energy as one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity 2023, moving up from the 92nd to the 28th position, see the full article here https://www.forbes.com/lists/best-employers-diversity/?sh=6256c5a36468.  This recognition reflects their unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business operations.

What stands out to me the most about Sempra Energy’s success is its inclusive approach, involving every level of the organization in its efforts. From the CEO to company officers, directors, managers, human resource professionals, DEI advocates, employee resource groups, and staff, everyone was committed to this initiative.

” Sempra Energy’s dedication to inclusion has resulted in remarkable achievements.”

Through collaboration and discussions, they identified specific growth needs and outcomes, leading them to a clear path forward. Sempra Energy recognized that conventional approaches were no longer effective and adopted various practices and language to ensure inclusion across the entire organization. I am genuinely inspired by Sempra Energy’s exceptional work in this area and hope that its success will motivate others to follow its lead.  Our partnership continues to be a highlight in my work.

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