Get Ready to Take the Challenge–Time is Ticking!

The title of this blog, “Get Ready to Take the Challenge–Time is Ticking!”, is pretty bold. If you know me, you know bold is my business. If you’re new here, welcome! Get ready to be boldly uncomfortable—it’s needed...
perpetual motion

Brace for Impact

What we walked away from a year ago is coming back—NORMAL! And, if you believe that, I’ve got some land to sell you—never mind the mosquitos, it’ll be buildable in 10-100 years. If you are looking for what...
Fair woman with a body of water behind her

Charter Your Own Waters

Since the pandemic, we have all become very familiar with the acronym PPE, known as the personal protective equipment, used by our healthcare workers, first responders, and anybody else in contact with the general public. I invite you...

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Fresh is best, isn’t it? I was thinking about this while squeezing oranges, wondering if this tasty treat was worth aggravating my carpel tunnel. I was confident the next orange would be the one to fill my glass,...
tennis ball

Watch OUT You Gonna Get Hit!

What do you do when things go too far? As a leader, you should be aware of your environment and prevent divisiveness at all turns. We all know by now divisiveness intentional or unintentional is detrimental to your...

What Does Remote Empathy Look Like?

The COVID 19 crisis has taught us a lot about ourselves. We have grown used to the structure of an office. We are used to having a place where we do business that is separate from where we...

Do You Give Yourself Enough Time to Think?

Recently I asked a colleague when the last time she thought was. The question stymied her. In any given moment, she is thinking about any number of things. But that wasn’t what I was asking. I restated my...

I’m the GOAT! What’s In It For Me, Coach?

If someone suggested using a coach – be it career, executive, leadership, communication, or transitional – your first thoughts may be “what’s in it for me?” Although you may have heard of coaching, you’re still not quite sure...
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